Freedom to Read


This FIMS Graduate Library collection contains books that have been challenged and/ or banned in libraries and school settings in North America. You can find these books located on the second set of shelves towards the left of the service desk at the Graduate Library.

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Collection Items

Julian is a Mermaid
"Told with minimal text, the joyous illustrations do the bulk of the work as we meet beautiful Julian, a young boy who loves mermaids. He loves them so much he feels he is one. When he reveals his true self to his Nana there is a perfect…

I am Jazz
"This enlightening autobiographical picture book tells the story of a transgender child who knew from the time she was two that despite her physical body she wasn't really a boy. Young Jazz was passionate about her love of mermaids, dancing,…

The Hate U Give
"Sixteen-year-old Starr lives in two very different worlds: one is her home in a poor black urban neighborhood; the other is the tony suburban prep school she attends and the white boy she dates there. Her bifurcated life changes dramatically when…
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