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The Marrow Thieves

marrow of thieves.jpg
This Zine was created as part of London Public Library's 2019 One Book One London program, "Storytelling through Zines", facilitated by Jenna Rose Sands, a Cree Ojibwe artist who lives in London,


a zine about podcasts & audio books i've enjoyed

zine about podcasts and audio books.jpg
The creator of the zine shares and comments on several audio books and podcasts they enjoyed.


how I became a librarian

how i became a librarian zine cover.jpg
This zine is about the creator's experiences and contains information for people interested in library work.


Listen Up: take changes, make mistakes, get messy
This zince includes a foreword, table of contents, personal essays related to LIS topics, illustrations, cartoons, advice columns, critical essays, lists, bookbinding and archival work information, colour photographs, jokes, and horoscopes.

Favourite Books: Top ten to read.
This zine contains quotes, lists, illustrations, how-to instructions, a list template, word etymology,

Favourite Books
This zine contains illustrations, poems, quotes, clippings from textbooks, and lists. This zine is bound using coloured yarn.

Favourite Books
This zine contains quotes, illustrations, comics, and lists.
This zine is bound with coloured yarn.

Favourite Books: Top 10 things I like watch eat sing do write cook listen to
This zine contains quotes, lists of books and topics related to LIS and LIS students.

Favourite Books
This zine contains illustrations, photographs, comics, lists of items to read, jokes, lists pertaining to LIS topics and student life, photo the January 2006 MLIS cohort including a description of the group, and definitions. This zine is bound using…

Favourite Books
This zine contains illustrations, quotes, cartoons, suggested reading lists, and other lists related to life at FIMS or FIMS related topics, copies of emails. This zine was bound using coloured yarn.