Love Letter

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Love Letter


Kanai Factory Limited Edition

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20 minutes
Age: 10 and up

Game Overview: The players are the young men seeking to sway the heart of the princess, and attempt to get their love letter into her hands. The castle's servants, represented by the cards in your hand, are the ones who can carry the letter to the princess, but they can also assist the players in more mischievous ways.
Players may only keep one card in hand at a time - this is the character currently carrying his or her love letter. However, the player must be careful not to reveal who this is, or the other lovesick men will be able to see it that letter never reaches its goal. The one who chooses his or her carrier most wisely, and manages to deliver his or her love letter to the princess, is the winner of the round.

Contents: 18 cards - 4 card refernce - 13 tokens of affection - 1 rule sheet

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A Game by Seiji Kanai




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