Pressure Cooker

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Pressure Cooker


Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30-60 min
Age: 14+

Game overview: Welcome to Tres Yummy, the hottest new restaurant to hit town in years, and tonight is opening night. Unfortunately, management has not yet hired a chef. Players take the role of chefs who are vying for the coveted role of Head Chef at Tres Yummy. Do you have what it takes to handle the pressures of opening night, the speed to fill the orders before your competitors, and the ability to sniff out the freshest ingredients? The players who handles these tasks the best will be named Head Chef of Tres Yummy and be known worldwide as the ultimate Pressure Cooker.

Contents: 239 Ingredient Tiles (9 bacon, 16 beef, 25 bread, 8 butter, 24 cheese, 11 chicken, 12 egg, 7 fish, 9 green pepper, 9 ham, 17 lettuce, 10 mushroom, 13 onion, 8 pasta, 19 tomato, 14 veggie, 8 appetizer bonus, 8 dessert bonus, 12 drink bonus) - 5 +50 Tokens - 4 Kitchen Boards - 4 Table Boards - 4 Cookbook Boards - 54 Order Cards - 80 Order Tokens - 1 Sink Tile - 16 Rivets - 1 Timer - 1 Rulebook

Artwork and Graphic design:


Game Design: Kane Klenko


Rio Grande Games


Artwork and Graphic Design: Matthias Catrein


© 2014



Game Design: Kane Klenko , “Pressure Cooker,” Special Collections, accessed July 18, 2024,