Power Play: Schemes and Skulduggery

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Power Play: Schemes and Skulduggery


Players: 4-8
Playing time: 1-3 hours

Introduction: Welcome to Power Play, a world of criminal deeds, life or death stakes, supernatural feats, and twisted intrigue. In this game, friends and fellow gamers sit around a table and take turns plotting and enacting their nefarious actions, all while keeping their crimes and identities secrets long as possible. Each player takes on a role with extraordinary abilities and uses those abilities to achieve their secret goal. The first to accomplish his goal is declared the winner of the game.

Contents: Game rules book - 57 Role, item and location cards - 8 Player pawns You will need five or more 6-sided dice, plus some scrap paper and pens or pencils.

Includes Bonus Scenario book

Other information: http://www.level99games.com/catalog/battlecon-line-5/24-power-play.html


John Parmalee


Level 99 Games




Illustrated by Danny Hirajeta, Fabio Fontes and Ana Garcia


Characters, Logos, Designs, and all other materials are © 2013 by Level 99 Games, LLc. Power play is produced under license and © 2013 by Banner House Games. All Rights Reserved.



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