Zombies: Keep Out

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Zombies: Keep Out


Players: 1-6
Playing time: 45 minutes
Age: 8+

Introduction: In Zombies Keep Out, the goblin bodges find themselves in a whole new sort of pickle when their workshop comes under attack by an army of the living dead! Fighting back in the best way they know how, the bodges barricade the workshop and frantically tinker with any parts they can scrounge up. Only by assembling a dizzying array of outlandish contraptions can they hope to turn the tide of the zombie apocalypse.

Contents: 1 game board - 45 zombie figures (15 grey runners, 10 blue leapers, 10 yellow creepers, 10 red brutes) - 5 Progress tokens - 13 bite tokens - 48 barricade tokens - 1 rulebook - 15 contraption cards - 40 terrible thing cards - 55 part cards - 4 unique cards

Find out more about Bodgers Games at www.privateerpress.com/bodgers
Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcMAy2P-uqk


A Bodgers Game


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President: Sherry Yeary
Chief Creative Officer: Matthew D. Wilson
Creative Director: Ed Bourelle
Project Director: Bryan Cutler
Director 0f Business Development: William Shick
Director of Operations: Jason Martin
Original Game Concept: David Carl and Willam Shick Game Design & Development: David Carl
Graphic Design Director: Josh Manderville
Graphic Design: Richard Anderson and Laine Garrett Layout: Richard Anderson, Bryan Cutler, and Josh Manderville
Art Director: Mike Valliancourt
Illustrations: Manny Trembley
Editing: Bryan Cutler and Darla Kennerud
Print Manager: Shona Fahland


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