Don't Quote Me: TV Guide edition

Game pieces: inside the box

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Don't Quote Me: TV Guide edition


TV Guide edition
players: 2-5
playing time: 60 minutes
age: 14 +

By successfully identifying famous (and not so famous) quotations, players move their pawns around a pentagonal board. Players move three spaces by guessing without taking a hint, two spaces with one hint, or one space for picking the right answer from a multiple choice list. The first player around the board wins.The popular trivia game is now strictly focused on the world of TV and Film! For those of you who carefully plot out your moves to avoid other subjects, this TV Guide Edition offers everything you want, and nothing you don't. What movie character said, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."? Need a hint? Bogart character. Need another? Film set in Morocco. The answer? Rick Blaine (as said to Capt. Louis Renault

Contents: 1 Rule book -1 game card holder 1 - 10 piece pentagon game board- 100 TV Guide cards- 300 Quote cards- 5 playing pieces in 5 colors

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Don Reid


Wiggles 3D Incorporated


Transcontinental Media G.P.


Ethan Alter, Cherise Bathersfield, Mike Blaxill, Michael Fell, Glenn Hendricks,James Montgomery, Kb Nemcosky, Karina Reeves, Daniel Roberts, Vanesa Rothschild,


© 2004 TV Guide Magazine Group, Inc. © 2004 Wiggles 3D Incorporated


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