Eldritch Horror

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Eldritch Horror


Players: 1-8
Playing time: 2-4 hrs
Age: 14+

Description: The world stands on the brink of catastrophe. The year is 1926, and an elder being of unfathomable power threatens to awaken from its long slumber, bringing death and madness in its wake. Strange cults and unspeakable monsters wreak havoc on every continent as the fabric of reality tears itself apart, opening gates to bizarre other worlds. Only a few, brave investigators understand what it truly happening. These tenacious souls come from every walk of life to pit their skills and weapons against the threat of the Ancient One. It falls to them to explore the most remote corners of the globe, to fight the nightmarish creatures that lurk in the shadows, and to find the answers to the ancient mysteries of this Eldritch Horror!

Content:1 game board, 1 reference guide, 1 rulebook, 12 investigator sheets, 4 ancient one sheets, 51 mythos cards, 36 location encounter cards, 32 research card, 24 other world encounter cards, 18 expedition cards, 16 mystery cards, 12 special encounter cards, 40 asset cards, 36 condition cards, 20 spell cards, 14 artifact cards, 4 reference cards, 78 health sanity tokens, 43 monster tokens, 36 clue tokens, 30 improvement tokens, 20 travel ticket tokens, 20 Eldritch tokens, 9 gate tokens, 4 rumor tokens, 1 active expedition token, 1 doom token, 1 omen token, 1 lead investigator token, 1 mystery token, 4 dice, 12 plastic stands

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Corey Konieczka and Nikki Valens


Fantasy Flight Games


Inspired by Arkham Horror by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson


© 2013



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