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Players: 1 - 8
Playing time: 1-2hrs

Description: Elder Sign is a cooperative game in which one to eight players assume the rule of investigators struggling to combat one of the Ancient Ones - hideous, powerful creatures that dwell in the space between dimensions.

The investigators face adventures in and around the Miskatonic University Museum, where the Ancient One's imminent return is causing a number of bizarre events. By overcoming these encounters, the investigators hope to acquire Elder Signs, which they need to seal away the Ancient One and rescue their imperilled dimension.

But the clock is always ticking, and each night at midnight the Ancient One gets closer to awakening and laying waste to all of humanity.

Contents: 1 rulebook. 1 cardboard clock. 6 green dice. 1 yellow die. 1 red die. 1 entrance sheet. 16 investigator cards. 8 Ancient One cards. 48 Adventure cards. 8 other world cards. 12 common item cards. 12 unique item cards. 12 spell cards. 8 ally cards. 32 mythos cards. 16 investigator markers. 30 sanity tokens. 30 stamina tokens. 15 clue tokens. 22 monster markers. 5 mask monster markers. 12 Doom tokens. 17 Elder sign tokens.

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Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson


Christian T. Petersen


© 2011 Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc.



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