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Shout Out


"Join us on the adventures of young demon hunters, star-crossed Viking lovers, and cyberpunk street artists as we invite you into new worlds where brave heroes with diverse queer identities demonstrate the strength of their hearts and the power of their dreams!

Inside this book you’ll find eighteen LGBTQ2SIA+ stories crafted by award-winning international creators. Find your place alongside ace necromancers, glamorous jazz musicians, fey outsiders, friendly monsters, and a superhero still finding his way out of the phone booth.

Spotlighting the work of diverse voices, this collection includes Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine), Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy), Vivian Ng​​ (Legend of Korra: Turf Wars), and many others.

Our stories have heroes who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, two-spirit, and asexual, from creators who share those identities."
Shout Out. Blurb. (n.d.),


TO Comix Press


May 2019


Hopkinson, Nalo (Forwarder)
Wheeler, Andrew (Editor)
Gil, Joamette (Assistant Editor)
Holmes, B.C. (Assistant Editor)
Franquiz, Naomi (Cover Artist)
Ujimori (Logo and Shout Iconographer)

Gil, Joamette (Writer/Letterer)
Matthews, Kelly (Co-Artist)
Matthews, Nichole(Co-Artist)

How to Summon a Demon:
Walker, CJ (Writer/Artist)

The Name of the Forest:
Irwin, Day (Writer)
Ng, Vivian (Artist)

Gillen, Kieron (Writer)
Gagnon, V. (Artist)
Gil, Joamette (Letterer)

Fifteen Minutes or Less
Anello, Marie (Writer)
Parlett, Liz (Artist)

Wheeler, Andrew (Writer)
Dix, Michelle (Artist)

Three's a Charm
Chen, Elodie (Writer/Artist)

Vows of Life:
Robinson, Nichole (Writer)
Granillo, Anika (Artist)

The Fisher and the Jeweler:
Ôchumuk, Sunny (Writer)
Lu, Shaina (Artist)

Farber, Nicholai (Writer/Artist)

Oliveira, Anthony (Writer)
McKenzie, Josh (Artist)
Matthews, Nichole (Letterer)

Show Me Your Teeth:
Cole, Angela M. (Writer)
Young, Cheryl (Artist)

Glitches Get it Done:
Frasier, Crystal (Writer)
James, Molly (Artist)

Love in the Cloud:
Chow, Derrick (Writer/Artist)

Girls Who Die in the River
Pueyo, H. (Writer)
Luiz, Dante (Artist)
Gil, Joamette (Letterer)

Sidekicks and Allies:
Holmes, B.C. (Writer)
Moore, Alex (Artist)

Shine so Bright:
Smith, Lindsay (Writer)
Valdes, Adrienne (Artist)

Manicita and the Songkeeper:
Gallagher, Ashley (Writer)
Robinson, Helen (Artist)

Sherm, Ashley
Pham, Hien
Kobabe, Maia
Moreno, Pez
Luu, Kristina


Copyright to each story if held by its creative team. © All rights reserved.


Softcover, 17.2 x 1.2 x 26 cm





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