Dan Smoke reflects on an episode of “Spirits of the Present” by Tantoo Cardinal regarding the healing that comes from the revitalization of Native traditions. After, Dan and guest Hal Gilpin discuss “The Last of the Mohicans,” and Mary Lou Smoke recites an Elder’s Teaching.


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Smoke Signals Radio Show
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1993-01-02  Segment 1
Dan Smoke recalls the Smokes’ recent travels visiting the Onondaga Nation and Oneida Nation in Syracuse, New York. Dan Smoke also recalls attending the recital of the Great Law of Peace at the Six Nations Reserve.

1993-01-02  Segment 2
Dan Smoke introduces a listening of Episode 13 of the Spirits of the Present series hosted by Tantoo Cardinal. This episode details the global fascination with Indigenous groups, including the use of Indigenous mascots for non-Indigenous sports…

1993-01-02  Segment 3
Dan Smoke reflects on an episode of Spirits of the Present by Tantoo Cardinal, the revival of Native traditions as a form of healing, and emphasizes the importance of seventh generation thinking.

1993-01-02  Segment 4
Guest speaker Harold Kohler reads an announcement from Andrew Bigsmoke about Protectors of Earth Day. After, Dan Smoke introduces the next segment, a review of the film “The Last of the Mohicans.”

1993-01-02  Segment 5
Dan Smoke and Hal Gilpin discuss the film “The Last of the Mohicans” by reading dissenting reviews from Doug George and Russell Means. After, Dan tells listeners about the Iroquois tradition of Nu Yah.

1993-01-02  Segment 6
Mary Lou Smoke recites an elder’s teaching, a story originally told by the Chelan Indians about the creation of the animal persons and human beings. After, Dan Smoke tells listeners about recent events that occurred across the country.

1993-01-02  Segment 7
Dan and Mary Lou tell listeners about upcoming events in the London, Ontario area.
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