Dan and Mary Lou Smoke discuss the film “Smoke Signals,” a landmark film as it is the first feature production to be entirely created by Indigenous peoples. Dan and Mary Lou also teach listeners about the meaning of the Thanksgiving Address and provide an update into the call for a public inquiry into the death of Dudley George.


Dan Smoke, Mary Lou Smoke






Smoke Signals Radio Show
CHRW Radio Western
Western University
London, Ontario

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1998-09-05  Segment 1
Dan Smoke introduces the next musical break in the episode.

1998-09-05  Segment 2
Dan and Mary Lou Smoke present a review of the film “Smoke Signals”, signaling the importance of this film being the first major film created about Indigenous peoples, by Indigenous peoples. Mary Lou teaches listeners about the artists featured on…

1998-09-05  Segment 3
Mary Lou Smoke reads a press release from the Coalition for the Inquiry into the Death of Dudley George. Three years after he was fatally shot, the Coalition has still not been granted a full and impartial public inquiry. Dan and Mary Lou Smoke tell…

1998-09-05  Segment 4
Dan and Mary Lou Smoke tell listeners about events coming up in the London, Ontario community.

1998-09-05  Segment 5
Dan Smoke discusses the meaning of the Thanksgiving Address, which gives thanks for everything that has been put on the Earth by the Creator for people to live in harmony. Dan Smoke also discusses the importance of listening to the sacred…

1998-09-05  Segment 6
Dan and Mary Lou Smoke present two different reviews of the film Smoke Signals to listeners. After, Dan and Mary Lou discuss the use of radio broadcasting within the film as a way to teach non-Indigenous viewers the importance of the oral tradition…
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