Dan Smoke shares some welcoming advice to students beginning their university career, including the importance of being a critical thinker to create positive change in the world. Dan and Mary Lou share details about their trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Later, they invite listeners to attend upcoming events featuring First Nations artists.


Dan Smoke, Mary Lou Smoke






Smoke Signals Radio Show
CHRW Radio Western
Western University
London, Ontario

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2002-09-15  Segment 1
At the start of a new academic year, Dan Smoke has some welcoming words of wisdom for students beginning their university career. Dan speaks about the importance of learning to be a critical thinker in order to create change that will make the world…

2002-09-15  Segment 2
Dan Smoke invites listeners to attend the next Real Rez Bluez show in Toronto, hosted by Elaine Bomberry. The event will feature performances by First Nations blues artists.

2002-09-15  Segment 3
Dan and Mary Lou Smoke invite listeners to attend a healing and wellness conference held at the home of Mohawk Elder Jan Longboat. The featured speaker and Elder-in-residence at this event will be Jane Middelton-Moz.
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