Indigenous Writers of Canada


The FIMS Graduate Library has a collection of materials written by Indigenous writers from across Canada. The collection includes fiction and non-fiction literature, poetry, graphic novels and children's books. These books are available in the FIMS Graduate Library.

Collection Items

Indigeneity in Comics - <br /><br />
Session 1: &quot;The Indian&quot; in Comics<br /><br />
Session 2: &quot; Indigenous Self-Representation in Comics
Session 1: An examination and critique of comic representations of Indigenous peoples by non-Native authors.

Session 2: Reviews of comics by Indigenous authors.

Introducing... Atrocities Against Indigenous Canadians for Dummies
Issue 2: MMIWGIssue 2 of this zine series introduces the current national crisis of thousands of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Issue 3: The Sixties ScoopIssue 3 of this zine series

The Marrow Thieves
This Zine was created as part of London Public Library's 2019 One Book One London program, "Storytelling through Zines", facilitated by Jenna Rose Sands, a Cree Ojibwe artist who lives in London,
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