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  • Collection: Indigenous Writers of Canada

Indigeneity in Comics -
Session 1: "The Indian" in Comics
Session 2: " Indigenous Self-Representation in Comics

indigeneity in comics - session 1.jpg
Session 1: An examination and critique of comic representations of Indigenous peoples by non-Native authors.

Session 2: Reviews of comics by Indigenous authors.

Introducing... Atrocities Against Indigenous Canadians for Dummies

atrocities against indigenous canadians for dummies - issue 2.jpg
Issue 2: MMIWGIssue 2 of this zine series introduces the current national crisis of thousands of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Issue 3: The Sixties ScoopIssue 3 of this zine series

The Marrow Thieves

marrow of thieves.jpg
This Zine was created as part of London Public Library's 2019 One Book One London program, "Storytelling through Zines", facilitated by Jenna Rose Sands, a Cree Ojibwe artist who lives in London,


Secret Path

Chanie, misnamed Charlie by his teachers, was a young boy who died on October 22, 1966, walking the railroad tracks, trying to escape from the Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School to return home. Chanie’s home was 400 miles away. He didn’t know…


In 1872, dinosaur hunters become embroiled in a battle over the discovery of fossils in Northern Ontario as their excavation crews are driven mad by a bizarre and terrifying illness. Over a hundred years later, Church and his family show signs of the…

Jonny Appleseed: A Novel
"Off the rez and trying to find ways to live, love, and survive in the big city, Jonny has one week before he must return to his home - and his former life - to attend the funeral of his stepfather. The seven days that follow are like a fevered…

Elements of Indigenous Style: A Guide for Writing By and About Indigenous Peoples
"Elements of Indigenous Style offers Indigenous writers and editors--and everyone creating works about Indigenous Peoples--the first published guide to common questions and issues of style and process. Everyone working in words or other media needs…

7 Generations: Ends/Begins (Book Three)

front cover of the Ends/Begins graphic novel. Depicts a man holding a boy outside of a Residential School at night.
"In 1964, two brothers are taken from the warm and loving care of their grandparents, and spirited away to a residential school, miles from home. James, assigned to manual work on the grounds, sees less and less of his younger brother, Thomas. James…

7 Generations: The Pact (Book Four)
"As the pain and loss of James’s residential school experiences follow him into adulthood, his life spirals out of control. Haunted by guilt, he is unable to maintain a relationship with Lauren and their son Edwin. Edwin, mired in his own pain, tries…