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Munchkin Cthulhu

Front cover of Munchkin Cthulhu
This is a 1st Edition, 4th printing

Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 1 hour
Ages: 10 and up

Game Objective:
The stars are right... and the Munchkins are kicking down the doors in places where Man Was Not Meant To Go. They're Investigators,…

Master Plan: A Game of Traps & Prizes

Top of box
Players: 3 -6
Playing time: 30 minutes

Description: Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a round of applause for our newest batch of contestants! Master Plan is a Game Show for Supervillains! Each player plays cards to further his own schemes while…

Cheaty Mages

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English edition (Includes card changes and rule updates from the original Japanese edition).

Players: 3-6
Playing time: 30 mins
Age: 12 and up

Game overview: In this game, the players take the role of mages who have mastered a number of…