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Around the Town on 20 Cents-Lazy Historians' Way

Montreal, Quebec

Desbarats outlines a hypotheitcal, self-guided, tour on Montreal which he dubs the “20 cent tour.” He is somewhat sarcastic and comical in his design of the tour. It focuses on historical locations and building, many of which are…

Montrealer Finds The Other Montreal Tourists Never See

Montreal, Quebec

Desbarats outlines a cheaper, 21-cent tour of Montreal, which captures the less travelled but more authentic regions and sights of Montreal.

The Big Circus in the St. Lawrence: Canada's First World's Fair

Desbarats evaluates the pros and cons of the fair from both a fiscal and political standpoint. The article is incomplete (2 of 4 pages).

Their Friendship Survived: A Polish couple and the Jewish family they hid during World War II renew old memories

The story of a Polish-Jewish family whom a Polish-Christian family hid for several years during World War II. The story outlines their journey from Warsaw to their later settlement in Montreal. The cause to tell this story was the reunion of the two…