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This, Our Province

This, Our Province.jpg
Book review regarding The State of Quebec, Desbarats' commentary on the historical developments which gave rise to the province of Quebec.

How Times Change: 53 Years Ago We Fought the Red Army

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats points out that Canada sent 5000 troops to fight against the revolutionary Red Army during the 1918 Russian Revolution. He uses this point to springboard into a discussion about Canada’s ability to play both sides of a…

Founder Kept Busy Swatting Down Foes

Montreal, Quebec

Part two of a five part co-series with cartoonist Ed McNally about spending time in Swat, a unique state in the western region of Pakistan. The article profiles 83 year old Miangul Gulshazada Abdul Wadud Khan (Badshah Sahib),…

Around the Town on 20 Cents-Lazy Historians' Way

Montreal, Quebec

Desbarats outlines a hypotheitcal, self-guided, tour on Montreal which he dubs the “20 cent tour.” He is somewhat sarcastic and comical in his design of the tour. It focuses on historical locations and building, many of which are…

Sagas of the Icelanders: A Roleplaying Games About the Lives of Icelandic Settlers in in the Saga Period

Sagas of the Icelanders
Introduction: In the year 874, the first Norse stylers set foot on iceland. They were escaping war, poverty and the dissolution of their political Freedoms on the mainland. Their families and people followed and claimed the empty lands, free from…

Microscope: A Fractal Role-Playing Game of Epic Histories

First Edition 2011 (Print & PDF)

Introduction: What is Microscope?
Humanity spreads to the stars and forges a galactic civilization…
Fledgling nations arise from the ruins of the empire…
An ancient line of dragon-kings dies out as magic fades…