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Pathfinder roleplaying game: Beginner box

2-5 players.
60 minutes.
This beginner's box contains the simple rules as a first step into a world of fantasy adventure.
Players can create and customize their own hero along with challenging adventures and deadly battles against villainous…

Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade

Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade
Introduction: Become Wuxia
Take on the role of wandering Kung Fu masters with skills and abilities that grant them the powers to affect the fates of many, unsung Kung Fu rules designed form the ground up for the Fate Core roleplaying…

The Shab-al-hiri Roach

The Shab-al-hiri Roach
Second Printing, April 2006

Introduction: This document concerns the discovery, collection, and accidental release of a new species of cockroach. The insect was named "Jenkins' Greasy Roach" by entomologist William Appleby-Jenkins. It escaped into…

Fate: Accelerated

Fate Accelerated Edition

Introduction: Fate Accelerated, or FAE, is a condensed version of the popular Fate Core roleplaying game that brings all the flexibility and power of Fate in a shorter format, Inside, you'll find a method for making fast,…

Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies
Introduction: Above the Blue, sky ships ply the 7 skies, Soaring from cloud-island to cloud-island for adventure: conquest, espionage, trade, and piracy. Kingdoms clash, cultures collide, and secrets abound. Heroes and villains roam, both on and…

Sagas of the Icelanders: A Roleplaying Games About the Lives of Icelandic Settlers in in the Saga Period

Sagas of the Icelanders
Introduction: In the year 874, the first Norse stylers set foot on iceland. They were escaping war, poverty and the dissolution of their political Freedoms on the mainland. Their families and people followed and claimed the empty lands, free from…

Microscope: A Fractal Role-Playing Game of Epic Histories

First Edition 2011 (Print & PDF)

Introduction: What is Microscope?
Humanity spreads to the stars and forges a galactic civilization…
Fledgling nations arise from the ruins of the empire…
An ancient line of dragon-kings dies out as magic fades…

Lucha Libre Hero: A Genre Book for the Hero System

Lucha Libre Hero
Hero System Fifth Edition

Introduction: Colorful masks! Rippling muscles! Fiendish monsters! Deadly takedowns! Psychotronic plot twists! Welcome to Lucha Libre Hero, the game of heroic masked Mexican wrestlers dedicated to combating evil in the…

Kingdom: A Role Playing Game about Communities

Introduction: Kingdoms are all around us…
Communities tie us together. When you play Kingdom, you'll sit down and make a community together and then strive to make it live up to your ideals…or watch as it burns.

What you need to play: Character…

Grey Ranks

Grey Ranks
Introduction: At sixteen, you've seen enough to know it's now or never. The uprising in on and you're in the thick of it - for your family, your country, your faith - and now, most of all for your first love.

What you need to play: Copy of the…