Fire in the Lake: Insurgency in Vietnam

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Fire in the Lake: Insurgency in Vietnam


Volume IV in the COIN Series

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 180 mins
Age: 14 and up

Game overview: Fire in the Lake is a 1-to-4-player board game depicting insurgent and counterinsurgent (COIN) conflict during the main US period in Vietnam, 1964-1972, up to the "Paris Peace." Each player takes the role of a Faction seeking to set the fate of South Vietnam: the United States (US), North Vietnamese forces (NVA), the Republic of Vietnam forces (ARVN), or the southern communist Viet Cong (VC). Using military, political, and economic actions and exploiting various events, players build and maneuver forces to influence or control the population, extract resources, or otherwise achieve their Faction's aims. A deck of cards regulars turn order, events, victory checks, and other processes. The rules can run non-player Factions, enabling solitaire, 2-player, or multi-player games.

Contents: One 22 x 34 inch mounted map - 229 olive, bright blue, red, yellow, and orange wooden playing pieces (many embossed) - 7 embossed cylinders - 6 black and 6 white pawns - a sheet of markers - 2 sequence of play and spaces list sheets - 4 faction player aid foldouts - a random spaces and non-player events foldout - 2 non-player operations foldouts - 130 playing cards - one full-color countersheet - rules booklet - play booklet - 9 player aid sheets - three 6-sided dice (1 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow).

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Mark Herman & Volko Ruhnke


GMT Games




Series Developer: Mike Bertucelli Solitaire System Developer: Orjan Ariander
Art Director: Rodger B. MacGowan Roduction Coordinator: Tony Curtis Producers: Tony Curtis, Rodger MacGowan, Andy Lewis, Gene Billingsley, and Mark Simonitch
Counters, Cards & Rulebook: Mark Simonitch Map Art: Chechu Nieto
Cover Art Design & Logo: Rodger B. MacGowan



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