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John Turner Has a Delicate Job

John Turner has a delicate job.jpg
Montreal, Quebec

Discussion on the financial issues surrounding the '72 national elections, particularly focusing on the economic disparity found within British Colombia's upper and lower classes.

Minority Government's Life in Hazard Once Budget Presented to Commons

Minority Government's Life in Hazard Once Budget Presented to Commons.jpg
Discussions regarding the longevity of Trudeau's minority government, and its potential downfall following the future release of the budgetary report.

Those anti-Kosygin Incidents: 'Cries From the Heart'

Those Anti-Kosygin Incidents.jpg
Montreal, Quebec

Letters to the editor, from readers in response to Desbarats' article on the anti-Kosygin protests in Canada, during the month of October 1971

The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America
Rich with dark and light, pain and magic, The Inconvenient Indian distills the insights gleaned from Thomas King's critical and personal meditation on what it means to be "Indian" in North America, weaving the curiously circular tale of the…

The Central Issue is Respect for the Rule of Law

Kingston, Ontario

A select transcription of Desbarats's speech to the members of the Canadian Club in Kingston.

Government Betrayed Me, Says Distinguished Author

Kingston, Ontario

Hogben's article describes Desbarats's criticism on the pepper spraying incident at the APEC meeting in Vancouver, as well as the Canadian government's victimization of its citizens, expressed during the Canadian Club in…

Provocative Analysis of Canada's Problems

London, Ontario

A generally positive review on Desbarats's "Looking Forward in Anguish: Canada Lost, Canada Found". Craig praises Desbarats on his level of critical overview of the key points leading up to Canada's political environment during the…

Canada Lost, Canada Found

A negative review on Desbarats's polemic book "Canada Lost, Canada Found". Sheppard describes Desbarats's work as taking a rather cold and bitter analystical mindset whilst probing at the collective conscientiousness of Canadians at first, before…

A Declaration of Faith

Montreal, Quebec

A positive review on Desbarats's polemicist view on the national outlook of Canada. Zolf discusses the major points brought on through Desbarats's marshalled portrayal of the political situation within Canada - including the…

The Last Angry Man: In the Beginning They Were Five, Including Progessor Trudeau. Now There is One, Rene Levesque, Preparing for that One Final Battle

Toronto, Ontario

The magazine article profiles politician Rene Levesque and his political legacy. He was seen by a younger, less radical, more conservative, generation as part of an “ancient regime” but he still had some political tenacity left at…