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Historium ab Inclinatione Romanorum Imperii Decades (Decades of History from the Deterioration of the Roman Empire , single sheet [original]

Decades of History 1-min.jpg
Good condition ; some discolouration (e.g. on bottom corner, approximately 1/5 of page) is apparent on both sides

Slip enclosed reads: "PAGEANT BOOK and PRINT SHOP / 109 EAST 9th STREET / NEW YORK, N.Y. 10003 / ORegon 4-5296 / BLONDUS, FLAVIUS /…

The Psalter, Old Testament [original]
Fair to very good; parchment (or vellum) folio of manuscript ; partial sewing evident ; rubrication ; illumination with gilt details ; legible script ; some bleeding of ink and rippling of pages most likely due to humidity/moisture damage (possibly…

The Gospel of Mark 14.43-47, New Testament [original]
Good ; double-sided calfskin vellum sheet with musical notations ; rubrication ; hand-written

Book of Kells [facsimile]
Protective Case: fair to good ; bumped corners ; some wear and damage on opening edge ; green cloth with gilded title area on one side with large, detailed coloured illustration affixed to the other (the number '34' and text feature near the bottom…

The St. Albans Psalter [facsimile]
Binding: good to very good ; some staining ; bumped corners ; cracked hinge (back cover) ; three very small areas of damage that appear to be holes

Spine: good to very good ; cloth bound ; some fraying n side of front cover ; "THE ST. ALBANS…

PVB Terentii Comoedie Sex : Ex Recensione Heinsiana (Six Comedies of Publius Terentius: from the Heinsius Review) [original]
Binding: good ; vellum binding ; bumped corners ; front cover separated from spine

Spine: front cover is separating from spine

Textblock: good to very good ; some discolouration ; a few bent corners

Printer/Binder: "Typis Ludovici Elzevirii"

Graeca Paraphrasis Sancti Euangelii Secundum Ioannem (Greek Paraphrase of the Sacred Gospel of the Fortunate John) [original]
Binding: good ; limp-vellum binding ; edges of front and back cover are bent ; front hinge cracked

Spine: good to very good ; vellum ; "NO[N]Ni is hand written at head of spine and underlined

Textblock: good to very good ; some damage to title…

Mythologiae (Mythologies) [original]
Binding: good ; white alum-tawed leather ; leather with embossed detail ; some discolouration ; front and back cover detail is clear ; FRONT: pressed with "PCWA," "1590," crest with "DES H:R[E]ME[.]KFLSERTVMWAPP[AV]" below, embellishments, "TEMP,"…

De Re Nautica Libellus (A Small Book on Naval Affair) [original]
Binding: fair to good ; some cracking ; discolouration ; wear ; bound in sheet of vellum with black and red text (rubrication)

Spine: good to fair ; seems to be bound in vellum ; some discolouration ; bottom edge damaged

Textblock: fair ;…

Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera Omnia (All works of Quintus Horatius Flaccus) [original]
Binding: good ; dark red leather with gold tooling ; wear on edges and hinges ; bumped corners ; gold tooling on inside of covers bordering endpapers ; endpapers are blue fabric ; ribbon bookmark ; miniature

Spine: good to very good ; red leather…