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Second Thoughts: Yes, Suburbia, this is the Column You Never Thought I'd Write

London, Ontario

This article focuses on the debate between the superiority and value of downtown versus suburban life. Desbarats very candidly admits that he is slowly becoming acclimatized to suburban life and the comforts and convenience that it…

The Melting of a Nation: It's Really the Canadian Winter that Preserves Our National Identity.

London, Ontario

To Desbarats, snow and ice are the “national glues” of Canadians. He saw Canada’s acceptance of winter as occurring just as soon as other countries, mainly the US started to really enjoy and respect several aspects or symbols of…

Seeking Refuge In The Past: The Romanticism of Victorian Poets Offers Solace in a Troubled World

London, Ontario

In this article, Desbarats argues that humans are inherently romantic and that we have, to our detriment, ignored the value of Victorian poetry in a world consumed by computers and fear of nuclear fallout.

Gastronomic Roulette: Just Once You'd Like to Say, "Wow!" to a Resturant Meal in London

London, Ontario

Desbarats describes the quality of London’s restaurants as being somewhere between “the wasteland of Hamilton and the Valhalla of Toronto.” He admits there were a few, mainly ethnic, restaurants that he enjoyed: Anthony’s on…

Five Little Girls and a Mongrel Disillusion 'Old' Pete - (He's 21)

Montreal, Quebec

Peter recounts a difficult walk with his 7-year-old niece, her friends, and a dog. He feels older than he is.