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Great City? Not Even Close, Critic Says

London, Ontario

Martin's interview with Desbarats, on his opinion of London's infrastructure and city culture as a new resident of the city. The article goes on, at great length about the level of dullness that the downtown district has - as well…

Second Thoughts: Yes, Suburbia, this is the Column You Never Thought I'd Write

London, Ontario

This article focuses on the debate between the superiority and value of downtown versus suburban life. Desbarats very candidly admits that he is slowly becoming acclimatized to suburban life and the comforts and convenience that it…

Gastronomic Roulette: Just Once You'd Like to Say, "Wow!" to a Resturant Meal in London

London, Ontario

Desbarats describes the quality of London’s restaurants as being somewhere between “the wasteland of Hamilton and the Valhalla of Toronto.” He admits there were a few, mainly ethnic, restaurants that he enjoyed: Anthony’s on…