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The War Measures Act didn't help Quebec separatism after all

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats argues that separatist sentiments in Quebec, in the wake of the October Crisis, had not increased despite the argument put forward in a recently published book by Walter Stewart entitled “Shrug-Trudeau in Power.”

One Year Later: Little Sign of Separatism's Growth

Montreal, Quebec

The same article as The War Measures Act didn’t help Quebec separatism after all, published just one day earlier in the Toronto Daily Star.

Apathy Greets the Inquiry Into October crisis

Montreal, Quebec

Written on location from Montreal. The Citizen’s Commission of Inquiry into the War Measures Act began in Ottawa on October 12th, 1971. Desbarats condemns the composition of the inquiry panel. He argued there were not enough…

In Our Weeks of Anguish: A Journal of October

Desbarats recounts his experience of the October Crisis of 1970. He provides a day-by-day account of his experience from Monday October 5, 1970 through to Monday October 25, 1970. He was creating a documentary on separatism for CBC at the time and…