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Favourite Books
This zine contains illustrations, photographs, comics, lists of items to read, jokes, lists pertaining to LIS topics and student life, photo the January 2006 MLIS cohort including a description of the group, and definitions. This zine is bound using…

Favourite Books
This zine contains illustrations, quotes, cartoons, suggested reading lists, and other lists related to life at FIMS or FIMS related topics, copies of emails. This zine was bound using coloured yarn.

Favourite Books: Top ten to read.
This zine contains quotes, lists, illustrations, how-to instructions, a list template, word etymology,

Favourite Books: Top 10 things I like watch eat sing do write cook listen to
This zine contains quotes, lists of books and topics related to LIS and LIS students.

Favourite Books
This zine contains a number of lists of books to read, some have accompanying descriptions of why the list-maker enjoyed the books. It also contains cartoons, illustrations, and other LIS related lists. This zine was bound using coloured yarn.

The Preface Restored: The First Issue
This zine looks at what it is like to be an MLIS student and topics that relate to the MLIS student body. It contains anecdotes, satire, cartoons, and lists.

mit zine: an alternative student publication
This zine contains opinion pieces, poetry, a comic, and essays related to the topic of activism.

Favourite Books
This zine contains quotes, illustrations, comics, and lists.
This zine is bound with coloured yarn.

International Sex Workers Day
This zine was created by Masters of Library and Information Science students. It contains poetry, critical essays, non-fiction articles, and illustrations.