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Traitte Des Bibliotheques [original]
Binding: poor ; boards are covered in marbled paper ; bumped corners ; wear along edges and on front of boards

Spine: poor ; spine covering has been removed ; sewing structure with sewing tapes exposed

Textblock: good ; some discolouration and…

Mrs. Trimmer's Spelling Book OR The Little Spelling Book for Young Children [original]
Binding: good to very good ; bound in paper (marbled paper, perhaps over a more sturdy brown paper) ; the front cover seems to have become partially detached and then been reattached ; back cover is separating from spine (at head) ; front cover…

Catalogue Des Livres [original]
A French bookseller's catalogue of French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Latin books.

Binding: fair to good ; paper binding (black marbling) ; rubbing on sides, edges, front, back, spine

Spine: fair ; paper binding ; damage at top and bottom…