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One-year Lease of Property [original]
Binding: protected ; loosely sewn into protective paper folder housed between two sheets of Bristol board

Leaves: very good to near fine ; appears to be vellum ; one corner has some damage (tear) ; the terms of the lease are handwritten ;…

Edward Gibbon Catalogue Card [facsimile]
Condition: good ; framed in glass, with description and history on reverse side

Description on back reads: "Facsimile of a catalogue card made by Edward Gibbon at Lausanne about 1790. The original is in the British Museum. Given to the Library by…

Mrs. Trimmer's Spelling Book OR The Little Spelling Book for Young Children [original]
Binding: good to very good ; bound in paper (marbled paper, perhaps over a more sturdy brown paper) ; the front cover seems to have become partially detached and then been reattached ; back cover is separating from spine (at head) ; front cover…

Hymns of Callimachus [original]
Binding: fair to good ; full leather (brown) binding ; no detail on cover ; plain endpapers

Spine: fair to good ; 5 raised bands ; some gold tooling ; red and gold tooling in title area which reads: "HYMNS OF CALLIMACHUS" ; some rubbing ; head and…

Histoire du Bas-Empire w/ Hidden Compartment [original]
Binding: poor ; leather binding ; front cover removed

Spine: fair ; 5 raised bands ; gold tool and design in compartments ; in one compartment it reads: "HISTOIRE DU BAS-EMPIRE" ; in another it reads: "TOM XVI" a great deal of…

Discernimento de'Spiriti [original]
Binding: fair ; front hinge cracked ; appears to be a three-quarter being with decorative paper (floral patter) ; bumped corners ; fairly worn, overall, especially on edges

Spine: poor to fair ; leather ; 6 compartments, 5 with pressed symbol, the…

Defensa de la Declaracion del Clero de Francia de 1682 [original]
Binding: good ; limp vellum binding ; laced at spine ; slightly worn ; binding on bottom left corner of inside front cover seems to be lifting, and endpaper has been lifted by the vellum

Spine: good ; faint hand-lettered text seems to read…

Collection d'Anciens Evangiles [original]
Binding: very good ; fully bound in red leather ; marbled enpapers (yellow, blue, green, red) ; borders of inside binding (before endpapers) feature gold tooling

Spine: very good ; 5 raised bands ; gilded text in two compartments reads "COLLECTION…

Catalogue Des Livres [original]
A French bookseller's catalogue of French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Latin books.

Binding: fair to good ; paper binding (black marbling) ; rubbing on sides, edges, front, back, spine

Spine: fair ; paper binding ; damage at top and bottom…

The Works of the English Poets [original]
Binding: fair to good ; paper covered boards ; some spotting ; bumped corners ; some wear on edges ; front cover loose

Spine: poor ; covered removed ; exposed sewing

Textblock: good to very good

Contents: The Poems of Edmund Smith ; The…