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Medieval Text, single sheet [original]
Good condition ; some discolouration ; some tearing ; two holes ; marginalia ; rubrication

Title Unknown, leather-bound book [original]
Binding: good ; bound in wooden boards covered loosely with brown leather ; leather shows some wear including rubbing and a few holes

Spine: good ; brown leather ; no decoration

Leaves: fair to good ; pages are very fragile ; some are damaged…

Book of Nehemiah 11.2-13.15, Old Testament, single sheet [original]

Book of Nehemiah 1-min.jpg
Very good condition ; a small amount of paper is missing from the side along which (it seems) it was originally bound ; marginalia ; Venetian printing ; 15th century

Slip enclosed reads: "PAGEANT BOOK and PRINT SHOP / 109 EAST 109th STREET / NEW…

The History of the Desertion [original]
Binding: good to very good ; leather bound (brown) ; a small hole in back cover (board visible) ; some cracking ; rubbed edges ; some visible wear ; embossed border and designs on front and back cover ; end papers contain print (seem to be discards…

The Conspiracy or the Change of Government [original]
Play: 22 cm ; Solander case: 23 cm ; Protective board: 22 cm

Binding: protective sleeve and folded board

Textblock: good to very good ; at least 2 pages may gave had repair work done ; some discolouration ; one crack on final page ; some…