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Works of the Late Reverend Mr. Samuel Johnson [original]
Binding: good to very good ; brown leather binding, Cambride-style panel ; blind tooling on front and back covers ; some rubbing on back cover ; bumped corners

Spine: very good ; brown leather with red leather onlay ; 5 raised bands with gold…

The History of the Desertion [original]
Binding: good to very good ; leather bound (brown) ; a small hole in back cover (board visible) ; some cracking ; rubbed edges ; some visible wear ; embossed border and designs on front and back cover ; end papers contain print (seem to be discards…

Histoire du Bas-Empire w/ Hidden Compartment [original]
Binding: poor ; leather binding ; front cover removed

Spine: fair ; 5 raised bands ; gold tool and design in compartments ; in one compartment it reads: "HISTOIRE DU BAS-EMPIRE" ; in another it reads: "TOM XVI" a great deal of…