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Players: 2 players

Playing time: Approx. 30-60 minutes

Age: 6+

Description:The Spin Master chess set is a classic game loved by adults and children alike. Each player has access to 16 chess pieces and the goal is to obtain your opponent's…

Celebrating 25 Years of SLIS Page 3

Information on the creators of the poem booklet


Celebrating 25 Years of SLIS Page 1

Title page of poem booklet created for SLIS 25th anniversary


Celebrating 25 Years of SLIS Cover

The cover page of a poem booklet created for the SLIS 25th anniversary, blank except for a small crest with a beaver, a lobster, swans, and fish.


Shout Out

Shout out.jpg
"Join us on the adventures of young demon hunters, star-crossed Viking lovers, and cyberpunk street artists as we invite you into new worlds where brave heroes with diverse queer identities demonstrate the strength of their hearts and the power of…

Favourite Books
This zine contains illustrations, photographs, comics, lists of items to read, jokes, lists pertaining to LIS topics and student life, photo the January 2006 MLIS cohort including a description of the group, and definitions. This zine is bound using…

Favourite Books
This zine contains illustrations, quotes, cartoons, suggested reading lists, and other lists related to life at FIMS or FIMS related topics, copies of emails. This zine was bound using coloured yarn.

At St. George's School

Peter Desbarats reads two of his children’s books to young students at St. George’s school, titled “The Cornflake Conspiracy” and “Gabrielle and Selina.”

Snapshots: Peter Desbarats

Toronto, Ontario

An expository piece on Peter. Portrayed as a dynamic, highly skilled risk-taker, the controversial nature of his CBC-TV news program Seven on Six is highlighted by the author, as well as discussions on the program's inclusion of…

The Newspaperman as Author

Montreal, Quebec

An advertisement for the Montreal Star, showcasing Peter Desbarats his compelling and versatile work. This include discussions on his articles ”A Minority Report” and “The New Confederation". Additionally, his authoring of “The…