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CTV's Survival Threatened by Staff Cuts, Expert Says

CTV's Survival Threatened by Staff Cuts.jpg
Interview with Desbarats, regarding the longevity of CTV and the recent layoff of employees.

Political Cartoon Book Recalled Over Bad Joke

Political Cartoon Book Recalled.jpg
Brief article on the recall of Desbarats' children's book

PQ Win Literary Bonanza for Biography of Levesque

PQ Win Literary Bonanza for Biography of Levesque.jpg
Discussion on Desbarats' biographical work on Rene Levesque, its popularity with the Canadian public.

Peter Desbarats ... Man on the Move

Peter Desbarats... Man on the Move.jpg
Brief biographical summary which includes mention of Desbarats' literary works, and discussions on his television career.

Time Runs Out On CBMT's Hourglass Tonight

Time Runs Out on CBMT.jpg
Article discussing the potential cancellation of newcaster program The Hourglass - which Desbarats previously worked at.

Those anti-Kosygin Incidents: 'Cries From the Heart'

Those Anti-Kosygin Incidents.jpg
Montreal, Quebec

Letters to the editor, from readers in response to Desbarats' article on the anti-Kosygin protests in Canada, during the month of October 1971

Desbarats Leaving Hourglass After Five Years

Desbarats Leaving Hourglass After Five Years.jpg
Discussion regarding Desbarat's history with the program, his plans after leaving the show, and the Hourglass's prospects for the future

Desbarats Leaving CBMT's Hourglass

Desbarats Leaving CBMT's Hourglass.jpg
A brief article on Debarats' departure from CBMT's newcaster program

This, Our Province

This, Our Province.jpg
Book review regarding The State of Quebec, Desbarats' commentary on the historical developments which gave rise to the province of Quebec.

The Central Issue is Respect for the Rule of Law

Kingston, Ontario

A select transcription of Desbarats's speech to the members of the Canadian Club in Kingston.