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Peter Desbarats ... Man on the Move

Peter Desbarats... Man on the Move.jpg
Brief biographical summary which includes mention of Desbarats' literary works, and discussions on his television career.

Desbarats Leaving Hourglass After Five Years

Desbarats Leaving Hourglass After Five Years.jpg
Discussion regarding Desbarat's history with the program, his plans after leaving the show, and the Hourglass's prospects for the future

Desbarats Leaving CBMT's Hourglass

Desbarats Leaving CBMT's Hourglass.jpg
A brief article on Debarats' departure from CBMT's newcaster program

Peter Desbarats - He's Been 'Discovered' Again: Montreal's Top TV Journalist Off to Greener Fields

Montreal, Quebec

Details on Peter’s departure from The Gazette to work for the Toronto Star as an “Ottawa based, nationally syndicated political columnist.” He was very determined to develop a high-quality, widely read column. The article gives…