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Time Runs Out On CBMT's Hourglass Tonight

Time Runs Out on CBMT.jpg
Article discussing the potential cancellation of newcaster program The Hourglass - which Desbarats previously worked at.

Desbarats Leaving Hourglass After Five Years

Desbarats Leaving Hourglass After Five Years.jpg
Discussion regarding Desbarat's history with the program, his plans after leaving the show, and the Hourglass's prospects for the future

Desbarats Leaving CBMT's Hourglass

Desbarats Leaving CBMT's Hourglass.jpg
A brief article on Debarats' departure from CBMT's newcaster program

Global TV's News has Honey Touch

Montreal, Quebec

A somewhat mixed review on the Global TV's nightly newscast programme. Irwin makes note of the somewhat jitteriness of the programme's structure, whilst also discussing the contrasting presenting styles of Trueman and Desbarats…

Innovative Shows Stud Global's Lineup

Montreal, Quebec

A general overview of Global TV's new 1971 programme lineup for the year. The article primarily focuses on the broadcasting made by Al Bruner regarding network availability, before going into making brief descriptions on the more…

Snapshots: Peter Desbarats

Toronto, Ontario

An expository piece on Peter. Portrayed as a dynamic, highly skilled risk-taker, the controversial nature of his CBC-TV news program Seven on Six is highlighted by the author, as well as discussions on the program's inclusion of…