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Pat the Bunny
"In the nursery canon, Dorothy Kunhardt's touch-and-feel book ""Pat the Bunny"" holds a place of special affection. Since 1940, tiny children have delighted in sniffing the scented drawings of flowers and stroking the rough material on ""Daddy's…

Hansel & Gretel
This story of two poor children, abandoned in the woods and using their wits to outsmart a nasty witch, is so well-known that it needs no further elaboration. Those familiar with Jeffers's 1980 version (Dial) will notice that this edition includes a…

The Real Mother Goose
"Old Woman, Old Woman," a nonsense Mother Goose rhyme in Wright's classic collection, features an old woman "tossed in a basket" who is sailing off to "sweep the cobwebs from the sky."

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When We Were Very Young
Writing verse for children is not so easy a trick as it
seems-a fact attested by many failures. Mr. Milne's
rattling rhymes, first printed in Punch, are engaging
enough to turn the trick-one thinks that any child would
love to say them. They are…

Looking at this book's impressionistic watercolor illustrations, it is not surprising that Bemelmans considered himself more of an artist than a writer. However, the text's rhymed verse is equally appealing and makes the book unique. The heroine,…