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Sun Goddess More Approachable Than Geisha Girls

Montreal, Quebec

Part two of a six part co-series with cartoonist Ed McNally about his three week stay in Japan. Desbarats draws a contrast between temples in Japan and churches in Canada. They are much more informal than churches. He also…

Australian Scene Strangely Familiar To Canadians

Montreal, Quebec

Part one of a six part co-series with Cartoonist Ed McNally about spending several weeks in Australia. Desbarats saw similarities between Canada and Australia. He found it erily similar to Canada, refering to it as the "other…

Unique Canada' PM's Election Theme

Ottawa, Ontario

Discussed Pierre Trudeau’s election campaign, which stressed Canada’s uniqueness and superiority on the world stage. However, Desbarats believed this view may not be agreeable to Quebecers.

The Melting of a Nation: It's Really the Canadian Winter that Preserves Our National Identity.

London, Ontario

To Desbarats, snow and ice are the “national glues” of Canadians. He saw Canada’s acceptance of winter as occurring just as soon as other countries, mainly the US started to really enjoy and respect several aspects or symbols of…