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How Times Change: 53 Years Ago We Fought the Red Army

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats points out that Canada sent 5000 troops to fight against the revolutionary Red Army during the 1918 Russian Revolution. He uses this point to springboard into a discussion about Canada’s ability to play both sides of a…

Canada Faces Russia Unsheltered by the United States

Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Russian Premier Alexei Kosygin were to meet in Ottawa the following week. Desbarats saw this as a unique meeting because Canada was usually involved in more collective bargaining with Russia…

One Is Hardly Ever Alone In Crowded Japan

Montreal, Quebec

In part one of a six part co-series with cartonist Ed McNally Desbarats reports on his experience of spending three weeks in Japan. He briefly discusses economic relations between Canada and Japan. He found that Canadians…