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CTV's Survival Threatened by Staff Cuts, Expert Says

CTV's Survival Threatened by Staff Cuts.jpg
Interview with Desbarats, regarding the longevity of CTV and the recent layoff of employees.

U.S. Example an Ominous Warning to Canadian Educators

Desbarats discusses the current trends in education teachings, found within journalism schools across North America - noting that possible risks associated with simply teaching the technical aspects of journalism, as opposed to providing a nurturing…

First House of Commons, Now .. Courtroom Drama Will be Televised

London, Ontario

A brief interview with Desbarats, concerning the introduction of television cameras within courtrooms during proceedings. It is stipulated that having cameras within the courtroom would its accessibility to the public, as well as…

The Journalistic Career: A Lonely Pursuit for Truth

Moes presents a meticulous piece on Desbarats's role as Dean of UWO's School of Journalism, his latest documentary project on the journalism industry, and the resulting insights and criticisms that Desbarats had gained whilst working on the project.…

Our Own Third World Give us a Jolt

Desbarats recounts a journalism conference at Western’s Graduate School of Journalism, during which the issue of how well Canadian aboriginal news stories were covered was raised by Dan David, the first Canadian Indian journalist to work…