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1 - Desbarats The Academic Journalist
2 - Desbarats at Centre of Storm

London, Ontario
(Features two articles)

1 - Zych's interview with Desbarats discusses how he arrived to this position as Dean of UWO's School of Journalism, his impressions and revelations whilst working at UWO, while also discussing some of the…

Great City? Not Even Close, Critic Says

London, Ontario

Martin's interview with Desbarats, on his opinion of London's infrastructure and city culture as a new resident of the city. The article goes on, at great length about the level of dullness that the downtown district has - as well…

First House of Commons, Now .. Courtroom Drama Will be Televised

London, Ontario

A brief interview with Desbarats, concerning the introduction of television cameras within courtrooms during proceedings. It is stipulated that having cameras within the courtroom would its accessibility to the public, as well as…

The Journalistic Career: A Lonely Pursuit for Truth

Moes presents a meticulous piece on Desbarats's role as Dean of UWO's School of Journalism, his latest documentary project on the journalism industry, and the resulting insights and criticisms that Desbarats had gained whilst working on the project.…

Desbarats' Biography Probes Paradoxes of Levesque

Montreal, Quebec

Richmond's interview with Peter Desbarats, following the release of Desbarats's book "Rene: A Canadian". Discussions on Rene Levesque's reactions to the biography, as well as Desbarats's own interviews with the contributors of his…

Peter Will Peter Out When The Electronic Age Arrives

Winnipeg, Alberta

An interview with K.R. Patrick, director of Aviation Electronics Ltd. Mr. Patrick was very optimistic about the landslide of inevitable electronic devices, which would make life much easier. His attitude is overly optimistic but…