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1994-01-08 Segment 3.mp3
Dan Smoke recaps a week-long event that he and Mary Lou attended in Moraviantown, Ontario. At the event, [Adam Luciter], an Ojibwe from Red Lake, Minnesota, spoke about the Three B’s and the importance of carrying them into the future.

1997-02-07 Segment 1.mp3
Dan Smoke recalls the events of two conferences that he and Mary Lou recently attended: The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples Conference held in Montreal, Quebec, and the Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with Native Peoples Annual General Meeting…

1998-09-05 Segment 2.mp3
Dan and Mary Lou Smoke present a review of the film “Smoke Signals”, signaling the importance of this film being the first major film created about Indigenous peoples, by Indigenous peoples. Mary Lou teaches listeners about the artists featured on…

1999-04-17 Segment 1.mp3
Dan Smoke tells listeners a creation story about Turtle Island. After, Dan teaches listeners about the importance of springtime and some of the celebrations that occur in order to give thanks to the Creator for the season of renewal and growth.

2001-04-28 Segment 2.mp3
Dan Smoke presents listeners with an update on the fishing treaties being negotiated between 34 Indigenous communities on the east coast and the federal government. Dan also discusses the second annual March Against Racism held by the Caldwell First…

2001-04-28 Segment 4.mp3
Dan Smoke announces to listeners that in a few weeks, the Smoke Signals show will be changing from their traditional Saturday timeslot to a new time on Sunday evenings. Dan is excited about the change, as it gives him and Mary Lou the chance to…

1993-02-27 Segment 1.mp3
Dan Smoke introduces Mary Pitawanakwat from Birch Island First Nations who will share her negative experiences with discrimination and harassment in the workplace and empowers all brothers and sisters to speak out. Mary shares her connection with the…
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