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1993-02-27 Segment 1.mp3
Dan Smoke introduces Mary Pitawanakwat from Birch Island First Nations who will share her negative experiences with discrimination and harassment in the workplace and empowers all brothers and sisters to speak out. Mary shares her connection with the…

2002-09-15 Segment 1.mp3
At the start of a new academic year, Dan Smoke has some welcoming words of wisdom for students beginning their university career. Dan speaks about the importance of learning to be a critical thinker in order to create change that will make the world…

2001-04-28 Segment 3.mp3
Recorded at the beginning of the powwow season, Dan Smoke announces to listeners that the 18th annual Gathering of Nations powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico is currently taking place. Dan announces that for the first time, a Music for Native…

1999-04-17 Segment 3.mp3
Dan Smoke reads a report regarding a partnership created between Indigenous Canadians and Americans, forged in an attempt to garner international attention around the conditions of Indigenous peoples living in Canada. After, Mary Lou Smoke reads an…

1997-02-07 Segment 2.mp3
Dan Smoke teaches listeners about the purpose of Midwinter Ceremonies, which acknowledge the fertility of Mother Earth and offer gratitude to the Creator for new life coming forth after the winter. After, Dan Smoke introduces a talk given by Jay…

1996-03-16 Segment 3.mp3
Mary Lou shares an Ojibwe story about how moss was grown.

1994-01-08 Segment 3.mp3
Dan Smoke recaps a week-long event that he and Mary Lou attended in Moraviantown, Ontario. At the event, [Adam Luciter], an Ojibwe from Red Lake, Minnesota, spoke about the Three B’s and the importance of carrying them into the future.
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