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Stanfield - 'The Alternative' - may Have Muffed Things

Ottawa, Ontario

This article is very similar to an article published in the Toronto Star four days earlier. Desbarats strongly believed that Stanfield would not win the election even though Stanfield’s personality had remained quite constant, if…

The Speeches Stanfield Hasn't Made

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats explains why he believes that Conservative Leader Robert Stanfield has not been able to lead a very successful campaign. He feels as though Stanfield does not back up his claims or ambitions with concrete evidence or…

In Footsteps of Illustrious Grandfather Westmount Tory Hoeing a Hard Row

Montreal, Quebec

This article is the same as Montreal Conservatives give a prime minister's grandson a difficult debut, published in the Toronto Daily Star several days earlier.

Montreal Conservatives give a Prime Minister's Grandson a Diffcult Debut

Montreal, Quebec

Former Prime Minster Arthur Meighen’s grandson, Michael Arthur Meighen, became the Conservative candidate in Westmount, Montreal. As the Conservatives held few positions in Quebec, Michael was in a difficult political role.