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At The Government Store: A Connoissuer's Guide to London's Liquor Outlets

London, Ontario

Desbarats discusses the different liquor store regulations he had encountered in Quebec and Manitoba. In Quebec, one had to commit their order to memory from a list on the wall and recite it to the clerk. In Manitoba, one had to…

Stanfield - 'The Alternative' - may Have Muffed Things

Ottawa, Ontario

This article is very similar to an article published in the Toronto Star four days earlier. Desbarats strongly believed that Stanfield would not win the election even though Stanfield’s personality had remained quite constant, if…

Sometimes the Naked Animal Escapes

Ottawa, Ontario

The article focuses on a book by Richard Simeon of Queens University, entitled The Making of Recent Policy in Canada. The book argues that much of Canada’s supposed policy making through the last 10 years was really an illusion to…