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Gutenberg Bible [facsimile ; 3 volumes]
Binding: near fine ; cream/off-white cloth ; some minor discolouration ; evidence of very light rubbing on some corners

Spine: near fine ; fabric ; gilt and black detail on all ; some very faint rubbing on sides evident only in areas with…

Book of Kells [facsimile]
Protective Case: fair to good ; bumped corners ; some wear and damage on opening edge ; green cloth with gilded title area on one side with large, detailed coloured illustration affixed to the other (the number '34' and text feature near the bottom…

Edward Gibbon Catalogue Card [facsimile]
Condition: good ; framed in glass, with description and history on reverse side

Description on back reads: "Facsimile of a catalogue card made by Edward Gibbon at Lausanne about 1790. The original is in the British Museum. Given to the Library by…

The St. Albans Psalter [facsimile]
Binding: good to very good ; some staining ; bumped corners ; cracked hinge (back cover) ; three very small areas of damage that appear to be holes

Spine: good to very good ; cloth bound ; some fraying n side of front cover ; "THE ST. ALBANS…

The Silent Sleep [original]
Protected in plastic bag ; leaves very good to near fine ; printed on 1 piece of paper watermarked: "CERTIFICATE Royale [9]6% COTTON [CONTENT]" ; evidence of light bending at bottom corners

Lyrics: "They sleep, they sleep the silent sleep. They…

Admonitions of the Instructress of the Ladies of the Palace [facsimile]
Example of early Chinese silk-weave scroll painting ; condition fine ; rolled scroll bound with ribbon ; protected in near fine wooden box ; leaves near fine ; includes informational booklet by Basil Gray

Don Quixote de la Mancha [facsimile]
Bindings: good ; vellum with leather and gold tooling (it appears) ; brass clasps ; spine has separated from material and front cover on third edition ; separating from cover of another ; marbled end papers ; reproduced using photo-typography…