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De Re Nautica Libellus (A Small Book on Naval Affair) [original]
Binding: fair to good ; some cracking ; discolouration ; wear ; bound in sheet of vellum with black and red text (rubrication)

Spine: good to fair ; seems to be bound in vellum ; some discolouration ; bottom edge damaged

Textblock: fair ;…

Historium ab Inclinatione Romanorum Imperii Decades (Decades of History from the Deterioration of the Roman Empire , single sheet [original]

Decades of History 1-min.jpg
Good condition ; some discolouration (e.g. on bottom corner, approximately 1/5 of page) is apparent on both sides

Slip enclosed reads: "PAGEANT BOOK and PRINT SHOP / 109 EAST 9th STREET / NEW YORK, N.Y. 10003 / ORegon 4-5296 / BLONDUS, FLAVIUS /…

Hours of the Virgin Mary, single sheet [original]
Near fine condition ; single leaf of parchment/vellum with printed text ; rubrication and illumination

Protective cover reads: "HOURS OF THE VIRGIN MARY / N. FRENCH, c. 1450-60"

Medieval Text, single sheet [original]
Good condition ; some discolouration ; some tearing ; two holes ; marginalia ; rubrication

Summa de Casibus Conscientiae (On the Fallings of the Highest Conscience), single sheet [original]
Early Venetian printing ; hand-written and hand-coloured initials ; hand-written page number

Slip enclosed reads: "PAGEANT BOOK and PRINT SHOP / 109 EAST 9th STREET / NEW YORK, N.Y. 10003 / ORegon 4-5296 / BARTHOLOMASE DE SANCTO CONCORDIO / Summa…

The Gospel of Mark 14.43-47, New Testament [original]
Good ; double-sided calfskin vellum sheet with musical notations ; rubrication ; hand-written

The Psalter, Old Testament [original]
Fair to very good; parchment (or vellum) folio of manuscript ; partial sewing evident ; rubrication ; illumination with gilt details ; legible script ; some bleeding of ink and rippling of pages most likely due to humidity/moisture damage (possibly…

Title Unknown, leather-bound book [original]
Binding: good ; bound in wooden boards covered loosely with brown leather ; leather shows some wear including rubbing and a few holes

Spine: good ; brown leather ; no decoration

Leaves: fair to good ; pages are very fragile ; some are damaged…