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1993-02-27 Segment 2.mp3
Dan and Mary Lou tell listeners about upcoming events in and around the London, Ontario area. Dan also shares news that today is the 20th anniversary since members of the American Indian Movement occupied Wounded Knee on Pineridge Reservation.

2002-09-15 Segment 1.mp3
At the start of a new academic year, Dan Smoke has some welcoming words of wisdom for students beginning their university career. Dan speaks about the importance of learning to be a critical thinker in order to create change that will make the world…

1997-02-07 Segment 4.mp3
Mary Lou Smoke shares a traditional teaching from Chief Seattle of the Squamish Nation. After, Dan and Mary Lou celebrate the 1997 winners of the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards. Dan Smoke also introduces the feature for this episode, a…

1994-01-08 Segment 1.mp3
Dan Smoke teaches listeners how to greet one another in the traditional way of the Ojibwe and Iroquois peoples. Dan then tells stories to teach listeners how each part of creation is unique, and those differences allow us to live in harmony with the…

1991-08-10 Segment 2.mp3
Dan Smoke reads a teaching about how the Big Drum came to the Anishinaabe people, originally told by Shelly Bressette. After, Dan Smoke, Mary Lou Smoke, and guest Harold Kohler tell listeners about events coming up in the London, Ontario community.
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