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1994-01-08 Segment 1.mp3
Dan Smoke teaches listeners how to greet one another in the traditional way of the Ojibwe and Iroquois peoples. Dan then tells stories to teach listeners how each part of creation is unique, and those differences allow us to live in harmony with the…

1993-07-17 Segment 2.mp3
Dan Smoke teaches listeners about the importance of understanding sweetgrass as a sacred medicine, and the important role it plays in Native cultures and traditions. After, Dan turns the conversation to the findings of Leonard Peltier’s third appeal.…

1991-08-10 Segment 2.mp3
Dan Smoke reads a teaching about how the Big Drum came to the Anishinaabe people, originally told by Shelly Bressette. After, Dan Smoke, Mary Lou Smoke, and guest Harold Kohler tell listeners about events coming up in the London, Ontario community.
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