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Berlin Wall Big Tourist Attraction

Montreal, Quebec

Discusses the tourist attraction of the Berlin Wall and the fascination of creating a dichotomous interpretation of East and West. He interviews and ex-East German reporter who points out that East Germany has done quite well…

Blunt Talk Against the U.S. is Now Beginning

Winnipeg, Alberta

He argues that western Canada used to feel less anti-American prior to President Nixon’s 1971 trade policy change. After, there seemed to be greater consensus between Ontarians and western Canadians, Winnipeggers in particular,…

Both Sides Trying to Confuse Issue of Wheat Subsidy

Ottawa, Ontario

The government was attempting to “replace the 15-year-old Temporary Wheat Reserves Act by the Prairie Grain Stabilization Act.” The Grain Stabilization Act was developed to support farmers who have poor harvests. However, over…

Canada Faces Russia Unsheltered by the United States

Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Russian Premier Alexei Kosygin were to meet in Ottawa the following week. Desbarats saw this as a unique meeting because Canada was usually involved in more collective bargaining with Russia…

Criticism Leaves Japanese Cold

Montreal, Quebec

Part four of a six part co-series with cartoonist Ed McNally about his three week stay in Japan. “Giri” is a Japanese concept involved with saving face when presented with a situation that may compromise one’s dignity,…

Fire in the Lake: Insurgency in Vietnam

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Volume IV in the COIN Series

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 180 mins
Age: 14 and up

Game overview: Fire in the Lake is a 1-to-4-player board game depicting insurgent and counterinsurgent (COIN) conflict during the main US period in Vietnam,…

Founder Kept Busy Swatting Down Foes

Montreal, Quebec

Part two of a five part co-series with cartoonist Ed McNally about spending time in Swat, a unique state in the western region of Pakistan. The article profiles 83 year old Miangul Gulshazada Abdul Wadud Khan (Badshah Sahib),…

If Asked to Peacekeep, Reluctant Canada has No Option

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats discusses the difficult position Canada was in regarding its decision about whether or not to participate in the Viet Nam War. If Canada were to refuse to peacekeep, it would tarnish its reputation as peacekeepers.…

John Turner Has a Delicate Job

John Turner has a delicate job.jpg
Montreal, Quebec

Discussion on the financial issues surrounding the '72 national elections, particularly focusing on the economic disparity found within British Colombia's upper and lower classes.

Labor Supply Is Drying Up

Montreal, Quebec
Part five of a six part co-series with cartoonist Ed McNally about his three week stay in Japan. The article focuses on Japan's aging population, despite its overall increase. Meaning, there were less working age citizens. Wages…