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John Turner Has a Delicate Job

John Turner has a delicate job.jpg
Montreal, Quebec

Discussion on the financial issues surrounding the '72 national elections, particularly focusing on the economic disparity found within British Colombia's upper and lower classes.

Minority Government's Life in Hazard Once Budget Presented to Commons

Minority Government's Life in Hazard Once Budget Presented to Commons.jpg
Discussions regarding the longevity of Trudeau's minority government, and its potential downfall following the future release of the budgetary report.

Liberals Dream of an East-West Alliance

Ottawa, Ontario

A unique but potentially fruitful political tactic the Libreral Party was considering is discussed by Desbarats. The Liberal government was considering abandoning the Toronto and southern Ontario area in favour of focusing on…

Sometimes the Naked Animal Escapes

Ottawa, Ontario

The article focuses on a book by Richard Simeon of Queens University, entitled The Making of Recent Policy in Canada. The book argues that much of Canada’s supposed policy making through the last 10 years was really an illusion to…

Both Sides Trying to Confuse Issue of Wheat Subsidy

Ottawa, Ontario

The government was attempting to “replace the 15-year-old Temporary Wheat Reserves Act by the Prairie Grain Stabilization Act.” The Grain Stabilization Act was developed to support farmers who have poor harvests. However, over…

The Resistance: Secret Identities - Deduction - Deception

Players: 5-10
Playing time: 30 minutes
Age: 13+

Game Objective: The Resistance is a social deduction game with secret identities. Players are either members of the Resistance attempting to overthrow a malignant government, or Spies trying to…