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Boyle's Fashionable Court and Country Guide for January, 1833 [original]
Binding: poor to fair ; front cover completely separated from material ; spine and back cover are still connected ; red leather with gold tooling [border detail and a crown with the initials "A" and "R" on either side of the top of the crown on the…

London in the Age of Dickens [original]
Good to very good / near fine to fine ; unbound ; the spines of sections 2-12 are numbered (to ensure proper ordering when being bound) ; some wear on first page (e.g. blue marks, bent corner)

Centers of Civilization Series

Table of…

Miniature Leather-Covered Bible [original]
Binding: good ; brown leather ; some rubbing ; bumped corners ; paste-down endpapers have handwriting

Spine: good to very good ; brown leather ; gilded title ("BIBLE") ; gold tooling (rubbed off) ; very light wear

Textblock: fair to good ; some…

Mrs. Trimmer's Spelling Book OR The Little Spelling Book for Young Children [original]
Binding: good to very good ; bound in paper (marbled paper, perhaps over a more sturdy brown paper) ; the front cover seems to have become partially detached and then been reattached ; back cover is separating from spine (at head) ; front cover…

The Conspiracy or the Change of Government [original]
Play: 22 cm ; Solander case: 23 cm ; Protective board: 22 cm

Binding: protective sleeve and folded board

Textblock: good to very good ; at least 2 pages may gave had repair work done ; some discolouration ; one crack on final page ; some…

The Historical and Chronological Theatre of Christopher Helvicus [original]
Binding: good to very good ; brown leather ; Cambridge-style panel ; blind tooling ; some wear on edges

Spine: good to very good ; brown leather ; 5 raised bands (some rubbing) ; "THEATRE OF CHRISTOPHE HELVICUS" in gilt in one compartment ; "1687"…

The History of the Desertion [original]
Binding: good to very good ; leather bound (brown) ; a small hole in back cover (board visible) ; some cracking ; rubbed edges ; some visible wear ; embossed border and designs on front and back cover ; end papers contain print (seem to be discards…

The St. Albans Psalter [facsimile]
Binding: good to very good ; some staining ; bumped corners ; cracked hinge (back cover) ; three very small areas of damage that appear to be holes

Spine: good to very good ; cloth bound ; some fraying n side of front cover ; "THE ST. ALBANS…

The Works of the English Poets [original]
Binding: fair to good ; paper covered boards ; some spotting ; bumped corners ; some wear on edges ; front cover loose

Spine: poor ; covered removed ; exposed sewing

Textblock: good to very good

Contents: The Poems of Edmund Smith ; The…

Works of the Late Reverend Mr. Samuel Johnson [original]
Binding: good to very good ; brown leather binding, Cambride-style panel ; blind tooling on front and back covers ; some rubbing on back cover ; bumped corners

Spine: very good ; brown leather with red leather onlay ; 5 raised bands with gold…